Last Friday was payday! So of course, I went out and bought some clothes. I went to American Apparel, obviously, and bought a bright pink t-shirt. It has been such a long time since I’ve bought coloured clothing. I might be changing or it might just be the excitement I have for summer. 

Afterwards I went to H&M. I was there on Thursday when I saw that they still had a lot of pieces from the Marni for H&M collection. The  yellow shorts grabbed my attention. I could not wait to buy them on Friday and was really hoping they still had them. They did! I tried them on, loved them, went to the cash. 

Look at Pelayo Diaz in his allyelloweverything/allmarnixH&M outfit. Gotta love it! 

I then went to Zara because my friend Jasmine wanted to get something since she was going to The Weeknd’s concert that night. I ran into one of my friends who works there. Then he brought up the fact that he tore one of my blazers. I lent him a black blazer for work and he tore the armhole seam. He felt bad so he bought me these black drop crotch pants from the store to make up for it!

Isn’t the zip at the crotch just genius?

Cannot wait to be working full time and so I can buy everything and whatever I want :) .



Drop-crotch pants: